Ziner: Brand new Google Reader client for iPad

Where the Simplicity of RSS Returns

Ziner, fast and beautiful RSS reader for iOS

Where the simplicity of RSS returns

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Beautiful to look at, meaningful to read.

Equipped with powerful content-aware layout engine - Phi engine, Ziner is able to create both beautiful and meaningful magazine layouts.
You can quickly find what's interesting to you at a glance.
Beautiful Ziner layout

Smart AI to cache images and articles.

Ziner uses a sophisticated AI algorithm to guide internet traffic. Whatever feeds you're reading, caching AI will follow you and download the most important content for you.
fast image caching

No cluttered UI, easy to use.

In Ziner, all UI elements are carefully designed and laid out to be simple and well-marked. All buttons are within your thumb's reach.
simple UI


Ziner has three beautiful themes to offer: Day, Sunset and Night.
day theme
theme sunset
theme night

Powerful features integrated, offline mode supported.

Ziner contains Feedly integration. In addition, lots of 3rd-party social services are also well supported!
Feedly features
Star/Save (offline supported)
Keep unread (offline supported)
Mark as read (offline supported)
Manage feeds (offline supported)
Ranking chronologically
Cache 5,000 articles in < 1 min
Cache all images of latest 1,000 articles
3rd-party services
Post to Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo
Post to Google Plus, Buffer
Save to Evernote, Pocket, Instapaper
Save images to camera roll
Fetch full-text articles
Open in Safari, Chrome
Copy, mail, message articles